Guest, Robbie McDonald

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Robbie McDonald
Robbie McDonald
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Singer, Songwriter, Indie Band Artist
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Robbie cut his teeth in indie rock bands on the Sunset Strip but his time spent in Ireland defined him as a songwriter. With nods to Damien Rice, Hedwig and Sondheim, Robbie pens torchy pop gems on piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele. His most recent release, Say Yes! is a love letter to the betrothed, be he hunky bear (Say Yes) or little blue pill (Sunny Afternoon). It’s about relationships and addictions of every stripe.

Latest news: Robbie to host Afternoon Delight on the Songwriting School channel. Based on ’70s talk shows such as Merv Griffin, Dinah Shore and Mike Douglas, this chatstravaganza will feature up-and-coming talent from the songwriting school and beyond. Stay tuned.