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Bandleader, actor and multi-instrumentalist
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Bandleader, actor and multi-instrumentalist Richárd Bernard is seen frequently in whimsical commercials playing Contra Bass Balalaika, Bouzouki, Sitar, Concertina or other exotic instruments.

He is known for his work on films Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Iron Man, Oscar-winner The Artist, Love Affair, TV shows The Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, Monk and many more.

When not leading his Klezmer-fusion band The OY!Stars, he has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and been seen by millions as the Orchestra Conductor in United Airlines commercials.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Richárd began playing music professionally in rural Georgia at age 13, his first gig being backing up strippers in the district now represented by Marjorie Taylor Greene. By 15 he was on the road playing lead Guitar for Jerry Lee Lewis and other Sun Records Rockabilly pioneers.  At age 20 after earning a BFA in Theatre from University of Georgia, he moved to Atlanta where he wrote and performed songs for theatre and bands, including a “Black consciousness raising theater” of which he was a founding member along with Samuel L. Jackson (Richárd generally acting the villainous white roles).

Performing in shows by Sid & Marty Krofft led to relocating to Los Angeles where he was a regular on NBC’s Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters for two seasons while simultaneously leading his trio in downtown L.A.’s Bonaventure Hotel. Session work for films and major artists followed, as did performing in concert with Blue Man Group, Marvin Hamlisch, Theodore Bikel and many others. Along the way, Richárd has written hundreds of songs, authored TV animation scripts for Hanna Barbara and Filmation, brought the creations of Jim Henson to life in major films, and played Mandolin, Tenor Banjo and Classical Guitar for Geffen Playhouse’s Klezmer Musical production Schlemiel the First.

His several international, Rock, and Folk music bands are regularly seen performing around Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Richárd gives seminars in Ethnomusicology for students at California State University and University of Southern California, and is active in performing for Holocaust survivor groups.