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Guest Name
Rebecca Messenger
Guest Occupation
Divine Channel, Teacher, Author, Prophetess
Guest Biography

Rebecca specializes in helping people grow spiritually and awaken their spiritual gifts with authority. She has taught hundreds to dynamically increase their intuitive skills.using her simple, yet effective "right-brain awakening" methods.

Following Rebecca's guidance, people are amazed to discover that they can easily contact and converse with:

- people on the other side
- angels, saints, guides
- deities, ascended masters, Holy Spirit Council
- rocks, plants, earth
- pets, wild animals, whales, dolphins, sea creatures...and more!

Rebecca says, "I can teach anyone increased intuition. Even the most left-brained person can become psychic! Because my methods focus on opening the right side of the brain where all spirituality, intuition, and creativity reside. Activation is simply a matter of following my easy, step-by-step instructions."