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Ray Kirus
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Proponent and advocate of individual rights and personal liberty.
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Proponent and advocate of individual rights and personal liberty. Husband, father, jack of many trades including experience property development and management, carpentry, plumbing, electrical. Licensed Michigan auto mechanic, songwriter composer, musician, and even had stint as a government bureaucrat working for the Chicago Housing Authority as a Section 8 building inspector and later as a construction coordinator with no formal training in any of the above. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Professional Business Communications from Siena Heights University and is currently studying for LSAT exam. Holds a Black belt in Chang Hon Style Tae kwan do. Certified Michigan Citizen planner through Michigan State University Extension. Speaker to local groups including the Tea Party about police brutality and increasing militarization of the police forces and host of a Facebook page titled “Exposing Excessive Policing.” Has formerly held precinct delegate positions and executive committee positions in political party subdivisions while working with grass roots movements which advocate liberty. Works diligently in recruiting other delegates and political candidates for like-minded reasons. . Drafted and assisted in pushing through resolutions in local political subdivisions against the NDAA (National Defense Authorization act of 2012), and anti United Nations Agenda 21 resolutions. Not partisan issues, but rather American Constitutional issues. Ran for County Commissioner twice in four years nearly unseating a 24 yr incumbent while getting nearly 49% of the vote this last November; the closest county wide race there was. Currently seated on a local Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. Actively involved in making every attempt possible to slow down the ”Monster” which is actively and incrementally eroding any semblance of freedom we have left in this country.


Neil Douglas

3 August 2015

Ray's FaceBook Site Exposing Excessive Policing