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Singer, Songwriter and Model
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By the age of 20, small town Michigan native DANI RAUSHI (aka RAUSHI, also the name of the L.A. based singer-songwriter’s band) had sung at her grandpa’s church; taken gymnastics, dance, ballet and jazz classes; done pageants and competitions; run away from home; high-tailed it to Hollywood at 18; and toured Italy with her first pop EP. All those experiences were just the warm-up for her emergence a few years later touring Australia with bands HELMET and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, and becoming (what one friend calls) “a crazy, awesome, random hippie rock star superwoman who enjoys taking the world by storm.” It’s that fully realized, battle tested singer/songwriter we meet on RAUSHI’s triumphant, high octane, in your face full length debut HIGH TIDES COLLIDE.

We’ve all heard great artists inspire us with their wild tales of heartache, but Raushi was slammed against even more intense emotional walls via crazy living situations with former band mates that would make a Reality TV producer blush. For Raushi, the great news is that music has long been a poetic tool that takes the darker energies of life’s mentally and emotionally charged situations and transforms betrayal and rage into positive release. With a lyrical flow of clever puns, HIGH TIDES COLLIDE unapologetically exposes the risk of over-consumption within the volatile realm of all-consuming love. With their ‘take no shit’ attitude and songs that say “F— You” to being mistreated, fooled and taken for granted, Raushi is a testament to the power of one’s will.

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