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Guest Name
Peta Panos
Guest Occupation
Founder, Healer, Mentoring, Soul Conscious Ignitor
Guest Biography

Peta grew up in South Africa and coming from a tourism family, started traveling at a very early age. A gypsy by heart, Peta is happiest when she is exploring the world, through the planning and creation stage to the actual travel experience. Peta spent over 21 years in the inbound tourism industry into Southern Africa. Joining the Panos family tourism business, Safariplans (which owned and operated lodges in Botswana and South Africa) in 1988, she worked her way through the ranks and became Managing Director in 1996. In 1998, Safariplans was acquired by Tourvest and in 2001, Peta joined Welcome Tourism Services as Managing Director. In 2004, Tourvest decided to amalgamate their 13 inbound businesses and Peta was appointed as CEO of Tourvest Inbound Operations to lead the process. TIO (recently rebranded as Tourvest Destination Management) quickly became the largest inbound tourism company in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2009, Peta decided to leave mainstream corporate tourism, move to Europe and pursue her dream of creating Spiritual Quest Journeys offering spiritual and conscious tourism to sacred sites and magical places around the world. Alongside her commitment to her tourism career, Peta has always maintained her interest in spirituality and unexplained mysteries, which had started at the age of 15. Peta has traveled extensively worldwide and has visited many sacred sites, holistic wellness centres and retreats. She has studied all aspects of metaphysics and various modalities of healing, including a year 3 apprenticeship before being attuned as a Reiki Master. Peta has always been fascinated by energy work, self empowerment and growth, miracles, manifestation and the spiritual laws. Her e-book on practical day to day energetic work is available with our compliments on this site. PETA PANOS joins us as the Travel Guru and owner of Spiritual Quest Journeys, invites you every show to explore Sacred Sites and Magical Places worldwide. With over 26 years of tourism experience and a lifetime of visiting Earth’s most intriguing places of power, South African born, Peta enchants even the most jaded traveler. Combining information on the sites themselves; the tours that visit them and the mystery that surrounds them – the Travel Guru Spotlight should not be missed by those with wanderlust in their souls.