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Guest Name
Pam Rennie
Guest Occupation
Mentor, Alchemist and Channel
Guest Biography

Pam’s quest for truth has had a dramatic positive impact on her curiosity of life and catapulted her Spiritual Awakening; thus aligning her more fully with who she is and what she came here to do. Pam is a gifted and uniquely-qualified Mentor, Alchemist and Channel.  She attracts both Master healers and those who are just embarking on their spiritual journeys into her embrace. Her role as channel is the central point of her personal evolution and foundation for assisting others. The Archangels and Ascended Masters are her guides as she continues to expand and evolve both personally and in her role as a way shower. Pam serves a worldwide clientele in releasing habits and limiting beliefs awaken spiritual gifts and much more, both in private sessions or courses such as Creating Your Personal Power Field.  Sessions and courses can be in person, over the phone and internet.