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Guest Name
Oliver Mac
Guest Occupation
17 year old R&B singer songwriter producer
Guest Biography

Oliver Mac is a 17 year old R&B singer/songwriter/producer. He was raised in Leeds, England and his time is now split between the UK and LA. He also plays piano and guitar.

Musical influences:
Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Justin Timberlake, Sammy Davis Jnr, Usher and Bob Marley amongst many more.

Music style:
Oliver has a distinctive sound culminated from a deep bass/baritone mellow tone coupled with a strong falsetto. He is what many people describe as ‘the unexpected!’ fulfilling a niche in the music industry.
Oliver was offered a recording contract in October 2014 in LA but decided to decline the offer due to advice from his music lawyer.

He currently has gigs arranged in 2015, dates and venues will follow.

Family Background:
Oliver Mac is the youngest of three children, he has a sister Natasha and a brother Christian. His parents encouraged the whole family to sing and as a family they sang regularly in the home. Oliver showed a particular interest and appeared to have a natural gift for singing.

Although Oliver Mac has been raised in England he is of Scottish heritage and of royal decent his ancestor being King Kenneth MacAlpin of Scotland, the first King of Scotland. The family have their own crest and tartan.
At the age of 9 Oliver performed his first solo performance singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ This was the first of many more solo and group performances.

At the age of 13 he won several local entertainment competitions. He also taught himself to dance specifically body popping.
He acted as an extra in a regional television soap ‘Waterloo Road’ and had a large acting part in a Timo Maas video ‘College 84’.
Also at the age of 13 his voice began to break and his vocal range changed from the equivalent of a soprano to a baritone/bass over a period of two years. At the age of 15 he taught himself how to play the guitar and started to play the piano. At 16 he taught himself other dance styles to complete his performance repertoire.

He began posting 15 second singing clips on Instagram and soon learned that the majority of his fans were American girls although as his voice was so deep and unlike many other well known male singers his fan based also consisted of young and old appreciating his deep voice and equally impressive falsetto range. After completing high school achieving 9 GCSE’s he was accepted into the prestigious Leeds College of Music.

However in August 2014 he was spotted on instagram by an American talent scout and him and his family were flown to LA. In this time he worked with music writers such as Fall out boy ‘Centuries’ writer Raja Kumari and top Hollywood producers and technicians.

Meeting and working with Hollywood celebrities such as Kyle Massey (who also rapped on one of one of his tracks) Akon and many others.

During this time in America during recording sessions in many different recording studios and with a diverse team of producers he learned the basics of producing and began writing and producing his own R&B tracks.

After declining the Hollywood recording and management contracts he returned to the UK and wrote and produced a number of compositions and met with music managers and promoters to get his music heard by the masses.
His time is now split between the two Countries as he undertakes music videos and continues his relationships with key people in the music industry.

His passion and self belief are key drivers for his music. In Oliver’s words ‘Music is my everything’. His mission is to inspire people to always follow their dreams and he hopes to spread positivity through his music. His unique sound allows him to be instantly identifiable when listening to his music.

Prepare yourselves for a new music evolution in Oliver Mac!