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Michael Ostaski
Michael Ostaski
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World Renowned Celebrity Speed Painter & Craftsman
Guest Biography

Welcome to the MosArt Gallery, home to world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski. You may know Michael for his incredible performance art, or you may be a fan of his original portraits and celebrity artwork.

For 30 years, Michael has traveled the world painting innovative works of art. From North America to Europe, Michael has always been on the move, rarely settling in one place—until now.

The MosArt Gallery is the first time Michael has put his original artwork on display for the world to see. You can stop by the MosArt Gallery in New Mexico or contact MO to request custom art pieces, including stylized portraits.

Share the Inspiration…

Whether you are an experienced art collector, beginning your first art collection, or simply an art lover, you’ll find Michael’s art to be bursting with a vibrant energy that is moving, yet approachable. His artwork includes:

MosArt GalleryMichael considers himself to be a painter who also works with mixed media. Whether you are across town or across the globe, Michael works to accommodate you with artwork that inspires and awakens your inner artist.

…Spark Your Imagination!

Prepare for a welcoming experience every time you join us at the MosArt Gallery. Sip coffee, relax on our comfortable benches, and maybe even book a massage at our adjoining spa. Make visiting the MosArt Gallery a part of your day!

Not only does the MosArt Gallery feature Michael’s world-renowned art—it is also happy to host several emerging artists in our featured artists gallery. Many are local artists from New Mexico.

For questions about the MosArt Gallery, or to request custom artwork by Michael, contact MO today.