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Michael Mau
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Michael P. Mau, Ph.D.,  is the author / editor of, The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies

My mediumship for the Great Brotherhood of Light is relatively recent, so I can make no claim to possessing a natural gift of clairvoyance from childhood. In fact, my clairvoyant and clairaudient faculties have only been gradually opening up over the past five years and continue to do so under a systematic training program designed and coached by certain disincarnate adepts of the Brotherhood.

During a particularly low point in my life I took some time off from my business in Asia to return to Honolulu, my hometown. It had been over thirty years since I had left and I was not really sure why I wanted to go back there. From my perspective today, I now understand when the Masters want me to travel to such and such a place, images of this destination dance in my mind until I actually arrive there.

I arrived in a bewildered state. Outwardly, I appeared content and successful to many of my old friends and relatives but inwardly something was gnawing at me. Two of my novels had just been published in Asia, but after the momentary thrill of being a published author, the feeling of discontent returned. Perhaps it had been precipitated by the breakup with a love partner and the death of my mother a few years before. Yet, after the grieving over these two events had run their course, the deep sense of dissatisfaction returned. It was clear that these traumatic emotional events had triggered within me a general malaise.