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Mary Arose
Transformational Entertainment Producer Mary Arose
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Transformational Entertainment Producer Mary Arose
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Mary Arose, founder of SacredHandProductions, is a transformational filmmaker, prayerformance artist, and devotional singer.  She discovered her love of singing through the chanting the divine names and since has expanded into various vocal styles - including pop, jazz and soul.  

She is currently combining her passions for music, performance and storytelling in a music video called “The Cosmic Seed of Awakening”. This video is based on the revelations of a medicine ceremony that unveils origin stories through animal totems and mystical archetypes.  Mary is collaborating with a film crew, dancers and musicians to bring this magical transmission to public audiences, with the intention of evolving concepts into live performance & music.   

Additionally, Mary will be performing in two upcoming events in Santa Fe on August 14 & 15. On Friday August 14  at 8pm the Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar will host “Grief & Praise” a prayerformance and cacao ceremony that will journey through love, loss and redemption through storytelling, song and dance. On Saturday August 15 Mary’s music video will premier live at the "THE SEED” a blindfolded, authentic movement journey & multimedia experience.