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Marco Missinato
Marco Missinato
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Artist Musician
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“Like all of you, I am too a soul who came here on this fascinating earthly journey to gain more awareness of myself through a new perspective based on polarity. My heart and my imagination are the navigation tools. As I progress into the physical experience directed by the voice of my heart and by the synchronicities of life, I increase my ability to discern what is resonating from what is not and I become more and more aware of what I already am “

Marco Missinato

I have always silently loved all the people I have met so far in my life, whatever role they were playing,  the good, the bad, or the ugly.

This is because I see wonderful souls in everyone, only temporarily wrapped in sleep that gives them the opportunity to have experiences that in an awakened state would not be possible.

When we eliminate judgment, we find wonderful beauty in all of this.

It is this love that I have felt for humanity since I was a child that inspired me to embrace the creative process of life.

I am therefore a soul and an artist.

Through music, photography and words I crystallize and share my feeling and the awareness that is constantly expanding out of it as I progress in this wonderful journey within the human operating system.

The intent is simply to evolve (remember) and, in this evolution, to be supportive in the awakening process that is unfolding during the intense transition that humanity is experiencing in this delicate moment of its journey.

It is through creativity that I constantly stimulate new awareness in myself.

Then, through the sharing of my creation, I offer, to those who wish it, a way of feeling life from a different point of view and, through it, I extend an invitation to consider the possibility that there is much more in us of what our current human experience has led us to believe.

Each of us plays a fundamental role within the universal creative process and brings with it a unique and indispensable frequency for existence and for everything that is part of the Source itself.

Therefore, I sincerely hope to inspire those who feel a resonance with my offering to embrace their uniqueness and their most intrinsic truth in order to trigger and ignite the recognition of that divinity that resides in each of us, opening the soul to a higher level of conscience and personal freedom.

“I know that you are magical, that you are an extraordinary being. I know inside you there is a great strength and that you have come here on Earth to use this force to become even more extraordinary and, as a reflection of this,transform the world around you, support nature, help humanity and dance free with life. Man and my travel companion, I believe in you … and I love humanity.”

Marco Missinato