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Guest Name
Marci Kosich
Guest Occupation
Energy Healer
Guest Biography

I was brought up emotionally, mentally and psychically abused in a upper class neighber hood in the Bay Area. I gave up mentally by age 8 years old. I saw my first spirit when I was 17. The room tempurature changed. My great Aunt died when I was 18. I went to visit my uncle I heard her speak to me twice. When I was 22 I got a job as a au pair in which she took me to a channelor. I asked the channeler what I do . He said Psycho Kenisis (moving/clearing energies). Someone did tonal healing on me when I was 25. In 2008 I worked on a telephone psychic line for 3 years. In 2011 I worked on a Psychic skype websight for 3 year. I did my Binuaral Tonal Sound Reiki healing''s people could feel the healings and some got addicted to the tones. I have been a guest and co host on several internet radio shows. I have written a trilogy of my Autobiographies on Amazon called “Were off to be the Wizards” “I'm off the free the Wizard” and “I'm off to be the Wizard. I have on you tube my tones on You tube under the name “kosmaks cosmos.” You can contact me on my email Marci Kosich on face book and on linkedln.