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Maggy Whitehouse
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Guest Occupation
Minister, Journalist, Author, Moderator, Kabbalah Teacher, Bible Metaphysics Expert, Comedian
Guest Biography

Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent sacramental church and studied Kabbalah with Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi for sixteen years. She is a former BBC radio and television journalist, the author of 16 published books on Kabbalah and spirituality and papers on Kabbalah and Interfaith for Winchester University. Maggy is a guest tutor at the UK Interfaith seminary. She was moderator for the BBC's Religion and Ethics message boards during the last Iraq conflict.

Co-founders of an open faith foundation called La Convivencia.


* The first person in the world to bring a dog from the USA to England on Passports for Pets.

*  The author of sixteen published books (pretty well all of which have the Jesus guy in them—as a mentor, friend and supporter).

* An expert on interpreting ancient Kabbalah (including Biblical Kabbalah) in easy and accessible terms for the modern world.

* An expert on Bible metaphysics i.e. how to read this incredible book on four levels including the mystical and metaphysical and make sense of it in your own life.

* An expert on the lives of women in Biblical times including Mary Magdalene and the Old Testament Matriarchs and Heroines.

* I regularly teach Kabbalah in the Masonic Lodges in Washington DC.

* I use Kabbalah to help define the Biblical teachings on prosperity to help people recover from the belief that wealth is somehow wrong for the spiritual. This is a fabulously abundant world and it is our right and our spiritual duty to experience, enjoy and teach on the wonders of a prosperous life.

* A stand-up comedian. Yes that does seem rather at odds with the rest, but it’s my latest calling and I love it. Time perhaps to laugh about the sacred cows of religion that stop us making direct contact with the Divine.