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Guest Name
Leo Zhou
Guest Occupation
CEO The Aquarian Age International Culture Media, Ltd. Beijing
Guest Biography

Zou Jian 

C.E.The Aquarian Age International Culture Media (Beijing) Ltd, Co. & ZETA Global Group 

Zou Jian was born in a small town in South West China, majoring in Pharmacy and Life Science. He spent 14 years studying and living in Beijing, China 

From early childhood Zou exhibited intelligent and logical approach to life and had greater interest in mystical teaching and spirituality. 

He had been practicing meditation and Qi Gong since early age and gained very clear inner knowledge about his life purpose. 

In 2012 he met late Dolores Cannon, the founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Academy, 

Zou’s passion for late Dolores Cannon’s body of work landed him with an opportunity to be an exclusive representative for the academy in China. With his understanding of true spiritual work and entrepreneurial skills Zou became the pioneer and the lead organization within rapidly emerging Chinese spiritual community. He decided to quit his position in multinational pharmaceutical company and devote himself to introducing diverse forms of transformational media to exponentially growing market , comprising of individuals and organizations from all walks of life.  

He built an efficient working team and cultivated a strong and healthy network, by inviting to China accredited and recognized transformational media experts.  

Since 2012, under Zou’ guidance his team had successfully hosted major events in China. 

In 2014 Zou and his team hosted China’s first Spiritual Concert and Mind, Body Spirit Festival. 

With a number of high profiles events in the diary, Zou and his talented team are working tirelessly to build both online and offline educational platform for the entire Chinese market, whilst introducing emerging and accomplished personalities within Mind Body Spirit Arena to Chinese audiences. 

Honorable businessman, trusted ally and great visionary is what makes Zou’ desires to empower people through transformational forms of media come true.