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John DeBoer
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”Music has Unspeakable Power! Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Music is the mystical resonance that makes people cry, laugh and feel their hair stand up. For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul's own speech. Music expresses that... which cannot be said when it is impossible to be silent.” – John DeBoer 

John De Boer

(Spirit of Thunder) 

Music is not just something that he does… music is everything that he is.

John has been performing on stage and national television since he was four years old. As a professional musician, he played keyboards with a polyphony of Rock and Roll bands and was the Keyboardist for the Dick Clark Rock and Roll Revival Tour.  

John’s original flute songs are composed and inspired while playing in natural surroundings. The listener is taken on a magical journey into the natural world with the ancient sound of the Native American Flute. Performing Native American flute, John’s 3 CD's with Oyate Music are distributed nationally and internationally. He is featured on PBS specials. His flute songs are available on the internet through CD baby, itunes, Pandora and a host of other internet providers. His music has been used as sound tracks for other artists.  He has performed at the Gathering of Nations, the world’s largest POW WOW. 

John holds a degree in fine arts and is a certified music teacher. He currently teaches Native American Flute at the University of Cincinnati, and presents historical musical programs to public schools and park systems. John is a wonderful storyteller and teaches thousands of children every year about nature with his “Storyteller’s Flutes”, a collection of the world’s finest Native American flutes mostly gifts to him from the makers. 

John’s current project with Mystic Flute and Tribal Drums continues that theme and is an effort to showcase talented local musicians using musical instrument from Around the World; Hand pans, Sitars, Didgeridoos, Synthesizers, Tablas, Guitars, Harmonicas, Jam-bays, Buffalo Drums, Singing bowls, Temple bells and Kalimbas to name a few.   The result is a unique mesmerizing sound appealing to a wide audience and appropriate for a family venue.