Guest, Jeff Harshbarger

Guest Name: 
Jeff Harshbarger
Jeff Harshbarger
Guest Occupation: 
Counselor, Ordained Minister, one of Christianity's Leading Expert on the occult
Guest Biography: 

Jeff Harshbarger is a former satanist, who had been miraculously saved and delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ and he and his wife Liz, have founded and now operate the REFUGE MINISTRY, a non-profit organization, where they lovingly help deliver others of the same darkness . Jeff has Masters Degrees in Christian Counseling and in Youth ministry; and is one of the Christian world's leading experts on the occult.

He has authored two books:

1. FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT- about his own journey and about helping others to recognize the occult and how to free both themselves
and others from it; and

2. DANCING WITH THE DEVIL- recounting the stories of others who have been similarly delivered from the occult.

Jeff has appeared on numerous christian shows on TBN, 700 Club, Daystar and others; and is featured in the book: THE KINGDOM OF THE CULTS by Walter Martin. You too will be greatly blessed by listening to him.