Guest, Jeff Baker

Guest Name: 
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker, Conduit, Empathic Healer, Psychic, Medium and Medical Intuitive
Guest Occupation: 
Conduit, Empathic Healer, Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive
Guest Biography: 

Jeff Baker is a Conduit and an Empathic Healer. He is often referred to as a psychic or medium or medical intuitive. These are all just terms that characterize a giftedness that people find hard to describe.  He prefers to just to be known as a person who is a conduit for healing in all the services that he offers.   Although his gifts lay in almost all of these “esoteric” areas, Jeff feels that the work he does is grounded in Spirituality and is therefore practically applicable on a real and reasoned human level.  And as a conduit, he prefers to not take credit for the work he does but he will say, “I am part of it for sure, but it is innate faith in yourself and what I do that makes the marriage work”.  For that reason Jeff does not take on every case that is submitted and prefers to help those that he can’t by training them to be their own healers!

He believes that vulnerability in life is empowerment and not a weakness and that everyone is ultimately their own healer. Jeff uses his gifts- and shares them -through holding satsangs (see services page), and personal development seminars, whether addressing dis-ease or spirituality or addiction or any topic where his guidance is needed.

As an Empath, Jeff feels what his clients are going through. He has worked with many different diseases.  He has worked with many types of Cancer, Diabetes 1 and 2, HIV and AIDS, COPD, ALS, deformities, Adrenal Burnout and Kidney Failure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes, many varieties of brain disorders and diseases, Crohn's Disease, Lyme, Food Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid and Endocrine issues, Hormonal issues, Glandular disorders, Vascular Dementia, Astigmatism and other eye and sight issues, Hearing Loss, Nerve Damage, Parkinson’s Disease, Mental Health Issues and many more.