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Guest Name
James Wright
Sir James Robert Wright
Guest Occupation
Author, Former 32-Degree Freemason, Former Employee of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite
Guest Biography

JAMES ROBERT WRIGHT, former 32 degree FREEMASON, who, at a very young age became the ENVOY to its SUPREME COUNCIL in Washington, D.C; and where in his position of SPECIAL ASSISTANT to its SECRETARY GENERAL, unexpectedly discovered shocking revelations about this ALLEGED International Charitable Fraternal Service Organization.

James was elevated to his then important position due to his ancestry of the Wiseman clan of Scotland and the Sicambian Franks- Saint Clairs.

In his two books, FREEMASONRY CULT ABUSES and the new one: FREEMASONTY'S FILTHY ABUSES, published by NEW FALCON, James exposes the blood rituals and other human rights abuses of this organization, for which he has been severely persecuted - and both he and NEW FALCON publishing are to be honored for their courage in disclosing the essential truths James reveals; and James also for locating and helping ritually and emotionally abused former Masonic Brethern.

The bible tells us that GOD'S PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE- and that is why this information is so important to be exposed, about an organization, which he calls the "DEATH CULT."