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Ilana Lorraine
Ilana Lorraine
Guest Biography


ILana was the youngest child, born into a very traditional Jewish home where music played a major part in her home life. She has been songwriting & singing since early childhood & was already on TV with her first original composition at Age 11 where she became a finalist on a televised Arts Programme on LWT.

She released her debut album My Little Tree by raising £15k funds on the pioneering crowdfunding site, Slice The Pie, where she was voted the Most Popular Unsigned UK Act. She devotes her time to her music & helping artists develop to become self sufficient, inspired by her own journey.

Whilst always an artist at heart, Ilana stepped away from the spotlight to take on a position at Sony Music as the Artist Relations Exec where she worked with Established International Recording Artist & Bands on the Sony roster. This paved the way to nearly 2 decades of work in the Entertainment Industry where she continued to work with Talent in various roles responsible for Artists Promotion, Live Performances & Events and Brand Endorsements & Partnerships. 

Inspired by her own journey as an artist and the challenges she experienced, Ilana turned her focus to coaching emerging talent & providing platforms for artists to showcase. The personal connections Ilana made & multifaceted skills she learnt gave her the back bone to help create an artist hub & build an artist community that has now become one of the leading London based underground communities for New Talent.

A popular fixture on the London scene, Ilana was behind the launches & production to signification prestigious live music events & boutique members clubs & speakeasies across London. She also got termed “the FlashMob Queen” as she led several successful Flash events for brands & charities. 

After years within the industry and experience working with some of the biggest Tycoons in the Music Industry in the UK including Vince Power Rob Hallet, Ilana decided to take a leap of faith and follow her artistic vision to focus on her own musical endeavours whilst also developing her independent projects that really inspired her: Sessions58 & The Coach House.

Her debut album, “My Little Tree”, is fuelled by her zest for life and inspired by encounters and connections. The signature centrepiece “I Choose Life” co-written with Kevin Mark Trail from The Streets, says it all “i take the make believe and i make real life…” 

Ilana’s life is really like that in a fairytale. After separation Ilana moved in to secret coach house which you would enter via a Garage door and into a secret garden which she decorated to look like somethings from Alice In Wonderland. She now lives as a Guardian protecting a Victorian Mansion in North London where she has her own recording facilities & has decorated to look like something of a mix of Narnia & Cinderella.

The much anticipated forthcoming album maintains the same themes of innocent wonder, empowerment & it feels nostalgic taking you back in time. She has written and collaborated with may artists & producers around the world & aims to release her forthcoming project early Spring 2018.

Her captivating & distinctive sultry vocal tone has been used by Waves Audio to demonstrate their Abbey Road Reverb Plugins, Andrew Scheps Parallel Plug Ins and at NAMM.

She became an Artist Ambassador for Harman International – JBL and AKG where she is currently producing her own series of Pop Up Gigs in Enchanting Spaces.