Guest, Howard Strom

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Howard Strom
Howard Strom, Investigative Journalist, Retired Marine and Military Analyst
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Investigative Journalist, Retired Marine, Military Analyst
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Dedicating more than 90,000 hours over a span of 15 years, Debra and Dru are pleased to unveil their serial publication titled: Phase Transition... The Philadelphia Experiment.

Investigating the circumstances surrounding the allegations of an experiment in invisibility and teleportation, both are committed to resolve this decades old mystery once and for all.  Disappointed with prior reporting and attempts to settle this case, including the course in which this debate has gone, Dru and Debra are bent on changing both its scope and tone.  Utilizing critical thinking skills supported by credible documentation—since released by the United States military—you'll be launched onto a fast track of an engaging narrative grounded in impeccable research.  To that end, their evidence will prove, beyond all doubt that, the alleged naval experiment in invisibility and teleportation involving the USS Eldridge did actually take place.

Dru retired from the United States Marine Corps after 30 years of honorable service to his much-loved Country.  He held senior enlisted career positions in material management, inventory control, and financial accounting.  For over half of his military career, Dru had been hand selected for special duty as a military systems analyst tasked with evaluating and reporting on the efficiency and combat readiness of Marine Corps units worldwide.  Since his retirement, Dru had applied his exceptional skills as a military analyst towards the study of World War II Naval history and the rumors surrounding this amazing secret account.  As a student of naval history, Dru's military experience and ability to process large amounts of specialized information has been an advantage in tapping into a gateway of new knowledge.