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Guest Name
Helene Olson
Guest Occupation
Multi-Dimensional Psychic Medium, Trance-Channeler, Reiki Master
Guest Biography

When I was 17 years old, over the course of six weeks, I heard a male voice speaking to me. I vividly remember stating, “I cannot hear you, you do not exist! I am not crazy, and no one is going to tell me I’m crazy.” At that time I had no knowledge or experience with the energies that exist in the universe. I was also sure that if my parents knew that I was hearing a voice they would have intervened with medical attention. Other than the strange voice, I lived an ordinary life, and went out of my way to avoid horror movies, ghost stories, and The Twilight Zone

     Throughout my life, people often said that I was “psychic.” I had a clear knowing about future outcomes in my life and the lives of others. I attributed this to “COINCIDENCE”. Tarot cards became a hobby for me when I was in my twenties, but my life continued in a mundane way. Eventually, I began reading Tarot cards for friends.

     Suddenly while shopping one morning, at a local supermarket, I saw my dead Aunt Doris who had passed on 15 years earlier. Aunt Doris, was speaking to me on a full sized Technicolor screen in my head! I abandoned the shopping cart and left the market. For the rest of that day I was sobbing and confused. Much later, I came to understand that my third eye had opened. While this may seem exciting to some, at the time it was completely overwhelming and scary. I had no knowledge base for this and without the support of my remarkable husband, I would have wound up medicated in a hospital

     Within a few weeks after seeing Aunt Doris, the first Archangel approached me. At first I ignored him, but then he unfolded his energy and spoke to me in a booming voice. I actually felt crushed by his energy and became short of breath. His name was Jophiel, and he continues to connect to me in his thunderous way, bringing messages and teachings.

     Now, at a critical point, I sat at the edge of a precipice the height of Mt. Everest. I had a choice to make. I could take a flying leap of faith or climb all the way back down. I took the leap and stepped beyond the fear. Over time I have been visited by many Angels and they have brought so much good into my life. I stand in gratitude as they continue their teachings with me to this day.

     My work as a psychic medium in Salem, Massachusetts has grown and I now work with clients all over the world offering guidance and support from the Angelic Realm.