Guest, Gail Michael

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Gail Michael
Gail Michael
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Writer, poet, sculptor and a deep thinker
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Gail Michael is a writer, poet, sculptor and a deep thinker. For the past 4 decades, she has been on an eternal search to understand the meaning of her life and to heal her deep childhood wounds. She finally realized that every being and situation that comes before us has a message and this is where the healing begins.

Her career in corporate America spanned 20 years when she realized she had to resign and follow a dream to the Island of Capri to write a novel. So she did. Once on this enchanting island in the Mediterranean and alone with her thoughts, old memories, fears and anxiety bubbled up. She had to address them to forgive her innocence and release them. Only then was she able to step off the island and travel throughout Italy and Greece. Her internal growth and clarity and this picturesque backdrop created the character Roxanna and the story in her latest book, Unveiling Rosanna. Roxanna’s story is loosely based on Gail’s experiences and adventures.

From 1983 to 2003, Gail’s poetry was published by the International Library of Poetry, Noble House and the Amherst Society. In 2002, her first nonfiction book was published, I Am a Thousand Winds That Blow, the Healing Power of a Remarkable Death, the story of her mother’s battle with cancer.  In 2005, she was invited to co-author in the Giving Gratitude Series, Wake Up – Live the Life You Love with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Greg Scott Reid and others.

The Passions of Roxanna was released in 2008 after Gail’s time in Italy but she eventually pulled it from her publisher to rewrite it and change the story from the place where she is today. “We can only write from what we know,” she says. “I could never have written this revised story before because I had not healed all those parts of me that needed attention.”

Her desire has always been to inspire and entertain others with her books, articles, poetry and sculptures.  Her life experiences have taught her loving kindness, compassion and empathy for others and finally herself. She is now enough.

No matter where she is in her day, Gail continues to pinch herself and asks, “How does it get any better than this?”