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Guest Name
Fisher Fifteen
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Singer, Songwriter
Guest Biography


When Fisher Fifteen walks into a room, it’s like a preacher has come to give a life changing sermon. He delivers a familiar presence like an old friend you haven’t seen in years. From the first strike of his guitar chord to the last barrage of soaring vocal melodies packaged neatly in a voice that carries a lushness and texture all it’s own. Bringing his vast background of influence and an array of thought-provoking original love songs, He has a way of speaking to your soul just where it is. Always celebrating our differences and yet forging common ground through songs like “Walls”. From his latest release.” I love the way a song takes on a life of her own. Fisher Explains, “She begins to speak to me with chords and words , then concepts and conclusions. If I don’t pay close attention, I won’t be able to complete her thought”.A native son of San Jose ,California, raised on radio of the 70’s and 80’s Fisher has a unique repertoire of covers that may surprise even the most knowledgeable history buff with classic rock anthems to memorable R&B staples. Always giving a new interpretation to an old favorite.

From the coffee house to the coliseum, Fisher can bring his performance to a very intimate place with some tongue & cheek lyrics and improvisational songs. Over the years, Fisher has played across the country,in places like California, Nebraska, Louisiana , the Carolinas, Alaska and Japan. He has shared the stage with such rock acts as P.O.D , and Switchfoot and performed with R&B sensations , ALL 4 ONE ,Drew Seeley, Brian Mcknight and Wayne Brady.