Guest, Edwing Sankey

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Edwing Sankey
Edwing Sankey
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Jazz Guitarist
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Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Edwing Sankey has devoted himself to creating, playing, and teaching music that is innovative and healing. He is an accomplished Jazz Guitarist, plays healing Siddha Music with his Zithers, and recently invented a New Tuning System for the Ukelele.

Edwing has depth, not only from his rich musical history, but from his international travels, and from many years emerging victorious over life’s obstacles.

After several decades of touring the world, playing Jazz and healing music with his band Indigo Triangle and with his Zithers, Edwing has been making several happy trips to China where he is blessed to teach and play for the Children, and all generations, to uplift, enrich and empower them by enhancing their ability to express through music.

He believes we have to prioritize teaching the children and playing music for them. As such, he devotes his time in China sharing the new tuning system he invented based in pentatonic music – which is easy to play on the 5th interval.

People can continue to play and share. The Ukelele is a tool of expression, and it’s not exclusively for certain people. Together we are creating an environment where all people have access to this wonderfully expressive instrument.

Edwing and his partners see the Ukelele as a tool of transformation for the survival of the future.