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Award-winning documentary filmmaker, musician and instrument producer
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David is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, musician and instrument producer based in Los Angeles. 

Born and raised in Japan, David was influenced from a young age by his father John Kaizan Neptune who is a renowned shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player. 

Inspired by the deep nature of Japan and his father’s music, David takes a heart-centered, joyful approach to music and improvised collaboration. He is currently producing the ‘Takeda,” an entirely new bamboo drum invented by his father. 

David’s documentary work as a story producer includes “Street Food” on Netflix, “Marvel’s 616” on Disney+, and a current Hulu original series, “Mastermind” set to release in 2024. 

His debut feature film, “Words Can’t Go There” released in 2019, is a personal look at his father’s life and the dynamics between passion and family. 

David focuses on the same intention with his music and films – to inspire people to open their hearts and let their inner sun shine through. 

More About David Neptune and his Takeda Drum at :

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