Guest, Dani Shay

Guest Name: 
Dani Shay
Dani Shay
Guest Occupation: 
Singer/songwriter, actor, and activist
Guest Biography: 


Dani Shay is a singer/songwriter, actor, and activist, who is most well known for her TV spots on America’s Got Talent (top 48) and The Glee Project 2 (top 12). She’s had multiple videos go viral on YouTube, and her latest, “One”, was premiered with the Grammy-Award winning band, FUN, and their LGBTQ organization: The Ally Coalition. She is a Founding Member of Be More Heroic, a proactive youth campaign, and travels to perform and speak at schools all around the US. Dani mixes vulnerability and humor in her music, which allows her to deliver deep messages in a clever way.

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