Guest, Craig Farraway

Guest Name: 
Craig Farraway
Craig Farraway, Home Beer Brewer, Singer and Songwriter
Guest Occupation: 
Home Beer Brewer, Singer, Songwriter
Guest Biography: 

Craig Farraway, Home Beer Brewer, started out at a young age playing the drums, singing, and writing songs. At age 21, he wrote and performed the title track for an album dedicated to the Calgary 1988 Olympics. The song Dream on the Horizon was featured in a CBC documentary and received regular airplay on FM stations across Canada. Craig saw an opportunity to go further with his music, but instead chose to stick close to family and the comforts of home. Amongst his many hobbies, which include video production, audio engineering, and of course music, Craig would carry on the family tradition of home brewing beer.

Motivated by the high prices of commercial beer, and his love for the beverage, Craig, age 21 at the time, started experimenting with beer kits from his local home brew shop. Well, over 20 years later, he is still at it. He now has a popular YouTube Channel, which he appropriately named...... CraigTube. He has attracted literally thousands of followers, many of which claim that they would have never started home brewing if it weren't for Craig's videos. Craig also does a variety of other things on his YouTube channel, including cooking shows, music performances, and philosophical talks, with topics ranging from the paranormal, to the nature of the universe, but the main theme of the channel is BEER.

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