Guest, Chuck Bergman

Guest Name: 
Chuck Bergman
Chuck Bergman, Police Officer, Psychic, Medium and Reiki Healer
Guest Occupation: 
Police Officer, Psychic, Medium, Reiki Healer
Guest Biography: 

Chuck is a retired Salem MA Police Officer. He is a third generation medium and recalls being able to communicate with the other side since the age of six. He has spent many years in development circles learning meditation techniques that have helped to fine tune his gift. He has completed classes in psychic mediumship, advanced mediumship and Reiki. He just finished his second book which chronicles his life.

Chuck has been a featured psychic medium in news articles around the country including: The Boston Herald, The Florida Times Union, Folio Weekly, Clay Today, Salem Evening News, Salem Gazette, and many others.

Chuck has given live readings on many radio shows including Jacksonville's Rock 105, Visible by Numbers, Extreme Society Radio Show and many blogtalk shows. Group sessions are routinely scheduled at The Dome Healing Center in Amelia Island Florida and many other locations including Tampa, Sarasota, St. Augustine, Boston and Philadelphia to name a few.