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Christian Shubin
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Singer and Musician
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Christian Shubin of “Poseidon Collective”

Since childhood Christian Shubin was inspired by his mother DeAnne who grew up surfing in the late 50’s and 60’s in Malibu with legends such as Miki Dora, Mickey Munoz, Dewey Weber, and the other staples of Surfrider in Malibu. He lived and breathed a raw and unadulterated surf culture from his mother and family since his youngest days.

Christian explored music in his youth playing Bass guitar in local Malibu Ska, Reggae, Punk band Bonsai Tribe as well as “Jester’s Dead” in his Central Californian College days. In 2010 Poseidon Surf was formed to pursue his inner passions, making it an homage to their mother, a refuge for his lifestyle, and a reflection of his surfing dreams. Since founding Poseidon Christian has incorporated Live Music into his Poseidon Surf Shop Events making it a hub for local music and surf culture in Santa Monica.


His “Poseidon Collective” band features Christian on Guitar and Vocals with numerous friends joining in on
Bass, Saxaphone, Drums and any other number of instruments including Kazoo.