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Guest Name
Charlotte Daniel
Guest Occupation
QHHT L2 Dedicated Practitioner
Guest Biography

I have had many QHHT sessions myself.  Each one brings with it a new and deeper understanding of who I am and what is my purpose.  

At  my level 2 class I was lucky enough to facilitate a healing on another practitioner.  The photo's are on my testimonial page. This and my own sessions made me realise that I had could do this work and help people find their purpose and where possible heal themselves.

I love learning new things especially in the field of Metaphysics and I find that the clients that find me are so inspirational that I learn as much as they do. 

Sessions with me have helped people with physical, emotional and spiritual issues as well as with bereavement.  I have had some beautiful sessions concerning bereavement and have also been helped myself in this area. 

I am Dorset and London based, however I love to travel so if you aren't in my area and would like a session we can see if I could come to you.