Guest, Caleb Robbins

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Caleb Robbins
Caleb Robbins
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Percussionist and singer
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Caleb Robbins is a 16 year-old who lives life passionately and all-in on whatever he is doing! His homeschooling life allows him to pursue his love for foreign languages, natural medicine, story-writing, animation, reading (up to a 1000 pages a day!) and music. Since his youth, he’s had a special gift for percussion and singing. As a baritone vocalist, he gets to use that loud ‘outside’ voice he always had as a child for the beautiful songs he expresses with his rich tone. While Caleb deeply appreciates all styles of music from Jazz to Rock to  Opera, he told his family when he was 12, “I was born for Swing.”  Caleb lives in Southern California with his mom and dad (who are also professional musicians and authors) and his younger brother, Seth, who harmonizes with him and accompanies him on the piano.