Guest, Bonnie Druschel

Guest Name: 
Bonnie Druschel
Bonnie Druschel
Guest Occupation: 
Inspirational Artist, Author, Workshop Leader and Coach
Guest Biography: 

Inspirational Artist, Author, Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Life Coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay.  She developed a deep love of the healing powers of nature’s beauty while growing up surrounded by the lush gardens and farmland of her grandparents in western Massachusetts.

“I believe nature heals.  It has always been my inspiration in art and in life.  I can go out into the woods or stroll through a garden and come out feeling happy and relaxed.”

Bonnie has spoken at women’s conferences, and continues to work as a guide helping women transform their lives. “I love being a guide FOR women; to see them become happier and more relaxed.  Being loving and kind to ourselves while doing things that make us happy, is what makes the process of transformation a whole lot easier.”

Bonnie’s story is included in Louise Hay’s book, “Modern Day Miracles.” She has authored one book of her own: “Sunflower Adventure: Always Facing The Sun,” and is known for her inspiring artwork and photographs.  In addition to her photographs gracing the billboard-style screens on 42nd street in New York City, Bonnie’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.  In the marketplace, her work has been commissioned for inspirational giftware and a host of commercial venues.

Bonnie lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, Tom and their cat, “Jasper.”