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Guest Name
Billy Kent
Guest Occupation
Singer and Songrwriter
Guest Biography


Billy is a singer-songwriter born in and raised in Northeast Los Angeles (Highland Park), his songs encapsulate the many cultures and sounds of L.A. and California.

In his own words:

Music truly has saved my life; from an early age of 5, I danced in rhythm by eight singing in the school choir. After my parents’ divorce around age 10, life became a lot harder falling into poverty, age 12 getting arrested. At 13, my mom and sister got me my first guitar, and that put me on the path; it gave me an interest that turned to a passion for music more powerful than I knew.

My music education was the songs and artists that moved me. On the radio, I heard Ottis Redding sing “Try A Little Tenderness.” Artists like Marvin Gaye; I gravitated to prolific singer-songwriters besides Marvin, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Jackson Brown, so many to mention; inspiration. I put my feeling to paper and strummed my guitar for the next ten years.

Around age 26, the light clicked on and realized I was a Singer-Songwriter. Almost 40 years of song crafting, I have the same energy to create that melody, that groove, bringing joy to the listeners, sometimes even a tear to those connecting with the lyric.

Yes, music saves lives; it saved mine.

Previous records

2019 Pieces of a Lifetime

“Vol One” Produced by Billy Kent & Marshall Thompson.

2008 Soul Soft

Produced by Gregory “Gee Mack” Lawrence.


2015 ¡Oye Frank! SOnata Latina Tribute Orchestra

Billy was the lead singer on “Oye Frank”, the 100th Birthday Anniversary tribute CD featuring ten classic songs Frank Sinatra recorded.

Songwriting Credits

Tower of Power

Billy wrote “Baby’s Got the Power” with Greg Adams, Tower of Power’s long-time horn arranger. He later wrote the lyrics for three more Tower of Power songs: “Someone New,” “It All Comes Back,” and “Quiet Scream.”

In more recent years recorded “Hope,” Music Greg Adams- Lyrics Billy Kent. Greg has a more recent CD released in 2018 called “Conversation” with a re-recorded version of “Quiet Scream.”