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Guest Name
Bill Luznicky
Guest Occupation
Founder of Primary the Ruling Class PAC
Guest Biography

Bill Luznicky, founder of Primary the Ruling Class PAC Illustrating that the infighting among Colorado Republicans hasn’t abated, despite a string of election losses, Colorado Republican National Committeeman and talk radio host Randy Corporon is promoting a political action committee (PAC) called “Primary the Ruling Class” (PRC) taking aim at fellow Republicans who aren’t seen as “America First Patriots.”

Bill is a businessman turned author who wrote the #1 bestselling book, It's Not About Donkeys and Elephants: Branding the Real Enemy. The book turned into the Primary the Ruling Class movement which turned into the Political Action Committee, PRC PAC. Bill currently serves as the PAC's Chairman and Treasurer He writes nonfiction under the pen name, StressFreeBill He writes fiction under the pen name, William Lee Gordon