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Guest Name
Audrey Callahan
Guest Occupation
Singer, Fill Producer
Guest Biography


Audrey was born in Long Beach, CA to a musical family. Because her family was military, she never stayed in one place for too long. Having lived in several countries by the time she was a teenager and going to 3 different high schools, this gave her a very broad and varied look into our world, its people and cultures.

One thing that was a staple during all this travel was her love for music. She began singing around the age of 2. Although this was her number one passion, she had reservations about pursuing it as a career because of the perceived difficulty and competitive nature of the music industry. As she grew older and more aware of her own personal power, she began to dive head first into making music her full-time career. Since then she has released several singles, an EP entitled ‘The Awakening’, attended her first Grammy Awards Ceremony and more importantly has finally stepped into living a life of true authenticity and purpose.

From this space of clarity and purpose, other areas of her life began to transform as well.

In 2017, her love of travel took on a new form. She and her husband decided to sell all of their worldly belongings and hit the road full time in an RV. For a year and a half, they traveled across the country, moving every couple of weeks doing impromptu fireside concerts and creating travel music videos along the way that they post to YouTube. This journey sparked the interest of a film company who reached out to Audrey and her husband in order to document their nomadic life (along with several others) for a full length feature film entitled RV Nomads.

More than ever Audrey has realized that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. And no matter where her life takes her, one thing remains the same; she is inspired by producing meaningful content, making deep connections and helping others achieve their own level of personal greatness. She aspires to live a life based on love and compassion and share that message of positivity and growth with her audience far and wide.