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Guest Name
Angele Ortega
Guest Occupation
Angel Communicator
Guest Biography

Born in 1952, a water dragon, I am the child of a homesteader in northern BC. During the harmonic convergence many of us awoke and started networking the New Age philosophies, I am one of many doing that. I organize the Spring Festival of Awareness, for the past 28 years, publish Issues Magazine for 26 years, and married Richard Ortega 10 years ago who owns the Johnsons Landing where we are doing our best to become a canadian version of Findhorn. More data about me on  my website, click the Musing button. It is a 25 year blog about becoming 'me.' probably one of the oldest running blogs out there. I dont even consider myself a writer but my angels asked to write it and God asked me to publish the magazine and title it Issues for Empowerment.  I feel like I have passed my final angel exam and the wings are my diploma. Living in Angel time has many interesting moments of understanding.