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Pianist, Singer, Actress
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ALISUN (Alison Solis) was born in the United States and is proud of her Latin roots, Cuban on her mother’s side and Mexican on her father’s side. The love that her parents have transmitted to her for cultural expression of both countries is reflected in her passion for music and artistic expression.

Since she was very young, she developed her talent and dedicated herself to taking piano, vocal, acting classes and also showing her heart in her compositions. From an early age she has enjoyed the stage and has always dedicated herself to perfecting her skills by participating in endless plays and live musical performances.

In recent years, thanks to her artistic abilities and dedication, she has received the invitation to be part of important tours, as was the case with Camila, in which for more than a year she toured the United States and all of Latin America, showing that she was born to dedicate herself to the scenarios.

On January 21, 2022, ALISUN presented her first single with which she formally began her solo career in the world of music, a song of her own inspiration in English entitled “HYPOTHERMIA” within the indie/pop genre, in which she worked not only in the composition but also in the arrangements and production, and which will be part of her first studio album.

ALISUN has defined her music as a magical and immersive experience, and to give continuity to her project, on April 1, 2022 the magic continued with the premiere of a new song “THEY LIVE IN AND AROUND US”.

“THEY LIVE IN AND AROUND US” is her second promotional single and listening to it, we can once again feel that the essence and sensitivity of the young singer-songwriter, where she expresses with unusual subtlety and exquisite talent her purest feelings and lofty ideals when it comes to composing and interpreting.