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Alexis Arai
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Alexis Arai is one of today’s most talented vocalists. Her four-octave range and eclectic style allows her to smoothly transition from the sultriest of jazz to the liveliest of pop making each encounter unforgettable.

After gracing the stages of The Voice and American Idol, as well as making it to the semifinals on Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, Alexis uses wisdom from the likes of Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez to transform and transport her listeners to every corner of the world. Alexis performs bilingually, both stateside and internationally. Her vibrant, cultural flair dominates any platform and guarantees to captivate the eyes, ears, and the imagination.

Alexis began her singing career at the age of 6 years old. Being a Mexican -American Born in Omaha NE, Alexis learned to sing, play guitar, and violin in a Mariachi Band (A Mexican Traditional Band) Unlike any other kid, At only 7 years old, Alexis would travel and perform  every weekend and would even be invited to sing for special guests like Warren Buffet.  After amazing experiences in music, Alexis currently writes and performs with her Latin band and shares lyrics that define love, humbleness, and peace that are motivational and inspiring. 

I strongly believe we are all made and brought to this earth for a purpose. Mine is to heal others with Music and I want to share this love and passion I deeply have in my heart with the world.

Alexis Arai

Currently touring band including Alexis Arai y Su Grupo Latino she makes a smooth line even silkier – a hot line even hotter!