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Guest Name
Alexa Melo
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Singer, Guitarist
Guest Biography


Massachusetts-born, Culver City, CA-raised Alexa Melo is only 20, but the singer-guitarist sounds like she’s been through the wars. And she has, in a manner. Signed to a major label as a precocious teen, Melo was passed from producer to producer to producer before finding a sonic ally in Christian James Hand (The Mowgli’s). Now “emancipated” from her label deal, Melo independently released her self-titled debut this June, and it’s a far cry from the straight-up pop her handlers envisioned when they signed her.

At their most direct, Melo’s songs recall some of the strongest voices of the 1990s, but her palette extends beyond mere angsty-anthems. Much of the album, which began with Melo’s own ProTools recordings, reflects her stated influences of Radiohead, Bjork, Portishead, Jack White and Pink Floyd, and her guitar-playing abilities, as well as her vocal stylings, live up to her sonic ambitions.

Already receiving airplay on local L.A. radio stations including KROQ, Alt 98-7 and KCSN, Alexa and her six-piece band will continue to grow their fan base with live performances all over Southern California between now and the end of 2015 (and beyond).