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hi all.....great show with Tatiana the Russian healer...thank you very much James for getting her on the show!!!..her experience with the Pleiadians was amazing....if she comes back in a next show please ask her more about that, cause she has so much to say and we'd love to hear more...Thanks again for one more great show....

Vagelis-----Athens-Greece..... ~ Vagelis from Athens, Greece

OggathaChristie (not verified)

12 December 2016

James Gilliland: I can't believe the things coming out of your mouth about Trump: "Give him a chance?... Trump's a good guy?!?!" I wonder why you ignore Trumps' sexual abuse track record yet are so quick to believe the Pizzagate story spewed by that ever-reliable source, 4-Chan. If it was Wikileaks that revealed Pizzagate, I'd be more inclined to believe it. The evil elite manipulates both political parties - I haven't forgotten the underage male prostitute scandals during the Bush years.

...and look at who Trump's appointing for his cabinet now - all Wall St. toadies who care even less for the people who voted Trump in. What a nice guy you're siding with, James!   How disappointing.  If you had said in the larger scheme of things, Trump was going to "drain the swamp" in spite of his obvious narcissism, fascist tendencies, and ugly callow behavior, then I would understand.

I also understand that arguing over who is worse, Clinton or Trump, is like choosing Tweedledum over Tweedledumber.  The point I'm making to you, James, is please don't ignore Trump's awful behavior and try to make him into some sort of savior. Trump's just going to make things so unbearably toxic that he'll push everything over the edge by default.  In terms of your overall "Bigger Picture" yes, that's a good thing, harsh as it is.