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Just finished listening to Ashtar-Athena SherAn voice of Ashtar command radio recording from yesterday! It was really good and I couldn't stop listening, exactly what I needed to hear at that time, it was an emotional experience for me, I had tears of emotion, fast high vibrations and numbing in various body parts, a sense of presence, a reunion with God and source, understanding more of the situations I'm in, made me think more on certain things and even heard about shamballa

For me shamballa has always been important since I was young and it came to me in trances and meditations. It was first introduced to me as the city and world in my soul or my souls city and world, it was how it was shown to me as a child it's only now I realise my heart and soul is one with it and all other universes and dimensions for we all come from source and are divine oneness, it is now that I realise it's very possibly my souls origin, my starseed origin, multidimensional in many ways, although this may not be on point this is what came to me in meditation during me listening to the recording

I also saw faces in my minds eye of vlad and Guy Fawkes and other historical men figures, I feel they had a if impact on today's karma and that is why I was shown the faces while hearing about karma coming from a point in time

There are other interesting things that came to me however these are the main ones. An amazing experience and wonderful important message