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Dear Lady Ashtar-Athena,

Wow! I was drawn by an invisible feeling to listen to this today and it totally was the best vibrational space I could have entered. Your lucid and pure explanations always give me a deep sense of connection and communion.

This was full of deLIGHTful news, too. Freedom's voice is rising worldwide and all the storms in our awareness will advance all awareness.Your words, " Let's just have one flag for Planet Earth and one race, the race of humanity, and one religion, compassion; our one language, the language of the heart," fills me with light and a sense of our beautiful harmonious cocreation here as Mankind with Divine Nature. 

Getting to know our true divine presence is the ultimate way to stand for peace on Earth. I loved, loved, loved this message! "When you are truly awake, you see only love." I move in and out of that state, but I celebrate when I am able to realize I have wandered into my own fears and can simply go back to the heart where I am connected and feeling love again.

Embodying the love of God within us and seeing this as the true estate of one and all is our holy metaphor of being. I always feel inspired to take this deeper and surface it as a part of the dear unity after hearing your pep talks.  Your love and care for humanity is so tangible and something one can wrap life up anew in. Thank you from the center of my heart. How much love you shine, illuminating the radiance of us all!