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Distilling the Universal Wisdom of the DIVINE
Submitted by ireneradiance on April 27, 2016
I have listened to my sister commander Lady Athena for several years and as I grow in wisdom and spiritual awareness I get her exquisite sharing on higher and higher levels. the show on 27th April 2016 - I have just listened to. Truly truly the worlds greatest masters and dispensers of divine wisdom in all areas is shared beautifully soul to soul. There is a frequency of these shows that has the sound current of God running all the time, clearing us and recalling us to our divine selves. Todays teachings on going above the mind was especially valuable - and in a funny way - my dear brother passed from this world a few months ago and he was a genius of the mind a Buddhist wo had troubles with such over thinking so i sent this show to him in spirit. I don't know how I know this, I just do. He got it. :) Athena combines teachings which truly are ONE in such a delightful way your soul will sing.! There are many out there you give the information but in this show you will experience the truth AS IT IS. Spirit /God is present. and my gratitude is deep. Love Light Irene xx