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Dear kind Cmd.Lady Ashtar Athena, 

The May 3, 2017 seminar was immensely freeing and helpful on so many levels. There were so many  gems of spoken light that acted in me to instantly rebalance my feelings within with whatever I perceive as external. A few of my favorites included: "Ever Expanding Creative Intelligence is the very nature of who we are." "Humanity's number one strategy has been to try and know beforehand so as to control the outcome." "In radical trust you feel a thrill of freedom when you leap; Spirit meets you there. Whatever it is, Spirit will come right up under you and support you."

(These are from my notes and may be missing a word or two.)

I never cease to be amazed how these seminars can personally touch my life and tap into metaphors and ideas that have been circling around inside the mind for years, just waiting for the right time to leap and put everything into a greater perspective. 

For me the wisdom in this seminar touched absolutely everything human, helped me complete with a way of separation and againstness and opened me up even more to the sacredness of love as divine play through natural expanding unities. 

Thank you for all the years of channeling! I recently found notes I had saved from a message you gave which I believe was called, "A Gathering of Eagles Aboard the Mothership." I did not date it but know it was years ago. Though I greatly appreciated it when I first heard it, (and had six pages of notes to study deeper) every word in my notes spoke at many new levels and was as fresh today as back then. How I love and appreciate you and your divine work! Thank you for the great space of expanding love you maintain!!!  Love, Starflower