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Dearest  Lady Athena, Very early this morning I partook of your last show,  I knew that the beauty of your words would erase some concerns that prevented sleep.  Your part of the exquisiteness took my breath away.  In only a few words you had me 'down the rabbit hole' with the stunning impact of your words about the candle flame.   Your message soared  about all relationships being within us, and that 'unless everyone that you encounter or even contemplate shares your peace' -- there are still dark images in us to be overcome.   --That it is all simply a mirror.    That in our experience:  'All' is serving us in 'the eternal exquisiteness of exploring Divine Awareness', and 'our formless eternal perfection', purity and innocence.    Such that incredible abundance and 'the holiness of Spirit can inhabit every level of us' -- 'since each individual completely inhabits a world that perfectly matches their internal state'.  So much love to you,