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My Dearest Athena, 

Wow, wow, wow, thrilling and exciting indeed - such a fabulous broadcast. So much resonance there and familiarity - where to begin! In response to some of the points you made:-
Knowing I’m from elsewhere: Up a tree with my cat as a child thinking what a strange planet this was the way people treat it like a garbage can, and treat each other so unkindly. I would run from arguments and dissension - still do, it knocks me sideways.
Manifesting: Finding things tiresome and frustrating here, knowing that I once had the ability manifest anything.
Off the Planet: I feel so at home when I am out beyond Earth looking back at it and wrapping it in Golden Light, and flying about the galaxies. Joyous.
Ashtar Contact: The ages that you mentioned were so accurate. I was riveted watching The Day the Earth Stood Still as a child. Then my love affair with Lord Jesus in the Church of England all through my teens and early twenties. Then the big karmic period. Then the Ascension tapes arrived in my early forties.
Lord Jesus in Rome: My goodness! I am travelling to Italy in August this year primarily to see Lord Jesus. I told a friend who is clairvoyant that I intended to go to Italy (but didn’t mention Jesus) and she saw a scene where I was sitting at a table with a man who has blue eyes, a gentle face, and pale skin. He was wearing the robes of royalty. She heard Him saying  to me, “I am always with you”.
Near the end of your broadcast, I had intense clicking in my left ear - I hope that was a decoding of some sort! As you gave the blessing from Lord Jesus, I had a blue light in my forehead.
A glorious broadcast in many ways. Thank you, blessed Athena.
Love and gratitude ~ Judith Coldwell.