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My beloved Lady Athena--Wow your seminars are just amazing taking me even deeper than before.From
time to time I send you feed back on my experiences here are a few...

 the seminar regarding ETs.  This reminded me that about 35 years ago I
used to write things down...directions degrees  speed angles etc...which
I knew we flight plans.  I remember once mention of a binary star system
(which I had never heard of then). On one occasion I was asked to
"collect" some crew who had for some reason had to stay behind for 2
days...I was asked to take them in my auric field and to my home until
they were collected as the earth energy was very uncomfortable for
them.  I did not at that time see them..but knew they were with me.

Some time later 3 appeared in my bedroom and taught me a prayer....I was
going to a workshop next day and they said I would be asked to give the
blessing for the food. I saw them so clearly this time standing just by
my bed. To cut a long story short...this did happen and I did do the
blessing ( I was very very shy in those days so it was a big thing for
me to speak up.) The workshop was about the White Brotherhood and its

Another seminar...tea with Jesus.

Again I make it very short...after tea I went upstairs onto the roof of
the building with Him. He stood before me facing out into space and
started chanting....His clothes seemed to dissolve and just His naked 
body was there...suddenly every cell started to steam light out into
the universe and He was only light and as its touched into planets it
made a was like a beautiful orchestra of sound and light. He
then turned to me and asked me to chant...he put His hand on my heart
and suddenly every cell started to send out light as I continued to
chant. When finished He  told me to remember who I am...the light.   I
am the light was the mantra Babaji gave me some 30 years ago.

You mention Mother Meera I went to her several times over 20 years time I had to be helped back to my chair as I was shaking and
crying so much.

The Royal mentioned--yes-it was totally magical...and yes, that preacher...I have never
heard anyone give such a heart felt understanding of love and its power.

It seems I get round to writing these weeks after the seminar...but
there is more to come.

I hope all is well with  you.  I have to say I giggle along with you
when you laugh...its fun as well as informative.

love and hugs to you my Beloved,

Gloria SolarAn UK