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Hello Ashtar-Athena, my Dear friend,

 As I was listening to your seminar yesterday, you hit it right on the dot! I was realizing I had done the Visualizations you were speaking of. I Last year before we had sold our home in Wisconsin I was 'seeing' myself as I went into the stores I was  familiar with, since I was raised in this part of Ohio. I could feel how nice it was to be back in my hometown again and be able to see the friends I have had for so many years.  

As I was in the grocery stores, I let myself smell the produce, feel the cold of the walk in freezers.  When I was ' looking' at our possible new home I could feelthe carpet under my feet and heard the birds singing.

THIS was what got me through 2 years of our home sitting on the market up in Wisc.  I never gave up the idea that we WOULD be back here with family and that I would once again be Home and show Tim how we live in Ohio, as apposed to Wisc.-- he had never lived here before.

You always make me feel elevated in my spirits and give me hope that all we are going through is God's way of getting us ready for such a New and Beautiful new life. Love you!