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Lady Athena, I am overjoyed that you have shared this message in your Jan.3rd radio show. It is so full of loving clarity. I look forward to sharing these feelings with others. For a good period of months I have had this growing awareness of a space of incredible radiant peace and artful life. It seemed for me to start during the total eclipse. And every day I have awoken to a little more confidence in these feelings.

Then there was a day when I was bam! in the center of that wholeness. It was Jan. 3 and I would have thought I was imagining the new sign I was getting intuitionally: all speed limits no longer apply, only love applies. Then all day long I kept synchronizing with galactic messengers who are important as love to me.

That every one will attune to this inner change of sea in their own unique way that is their version of delight brings tears to my eyes. The Age of Wholeness is here. I am completely grateful to you for being a voice that always brings in more wholeness to be reflected and shared.

I always admire the way you weave processes to gain perspective within the Imaginal Realm which is my space of appreciation for having a sacred imagination. You put your sacred journey into words that act like metaphorically empowering stepping stones. Anyone who tunes in will have a moment of dancing with your heavenly frequency. Thank you for being a Forerunner who has been catalytic in deepening my frequency of delight!

Here’s to the joy of Spirit, our wealth, our art and our pure gratitude of being!